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NEIA and FCM Supports Ongoing Renewable Energy Projects

NEIA and FCM Supports Ongoing Renewable Energy Projects

With the proclaimed assistance from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and collaboration with Fundamental Inc., the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association (NEIA), six communities will now be able to complete their clean growth initiatives.

The initiative went through a three-step process with the local municipalities. The first move was for municipalities to measure their overall carbon footprint by measuring their operations’ fossil fuel consumption. The municipalities then came up with an action plan to moderate their climate change contribution before the projects were taken to each municipality for the action plan to start.

Here are six clean energy projects included in the initiative:

1. Bauline

To use the province’s net metering scheme’s benefits, a 15.4kW solar PV system was also built at Town Hall and Community Center.

2. Torbay

As part of the province’s metering scheme, a 13.86kW solar PV system was constructed.

3. BaieVerte 

To take advantage of the province’s net metering scheme, a 12.32 kW solar PV system was constructed at the Fire Hall in town.

4. Channel-Port Aux Basques

The Public Works building’s has a roof that will help to enhance energy efficiency. Also, soil testing can be done at a possible brownfield rehabilitation site.

5. Stephenville

T/o promote composting within the region, an industrial composter has been purchased.

6. Paradise

The entertainment area Complex, which also acts as the Town’s emergency warming station, will have solar street lamps installed.

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