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Environment Commission Appoints New Assistant General Auditor

Environment Commission Appoints New Assistant General Auditor

Tyler Schulz has been appointed as the new Acting Assistant Auditor General for the Environment Commission.

Auditor General in Ontario, Bonnie Lysyk announced that Schulz will now join her executive team. Schulz served at the Environmental Commissioner’s Office for 11 years. According to Lysyk, his leadership and experience will help to ensure that the environmental reports will continue to make impactful recommendations.

Until entering the Auditor General’s Office in April 2019, Schulz worked as a senior policy analyst. He wrote several reports and chapters on environmental issues and then became the Director of Operations and Deputy Environmental Commissioner.

Environmental policies and issues have long been reviewed and audited by the Ontario Auditor General’s Office. Amendments to the Auditor General Act and the Environmental Bill of Rights of 1993 created the Commissioner of the Environment’s role in 2019.

The changes further broadened the Office’s obligations under the 1993 Environmental Bill of Rights. The Office has completed more than 40 environmental assessments over the years.

Lysyk, together with her executive team, expressed their best wishes and gratitude to the former assistant auditor general, Jerry DeMarco. Jerry took the position of the federal commissioner of environment and sustainable environment on February 1, 2021.

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