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Emission Reduction and Rise in Employment Resulting from Cleantech Investments

Emission Reduction and Rise in Employment Resulting from Cleantech Investments

The Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA) has scheduled a virtual Envirotech conference for 2nd and 3rd June.  This is due to the COVID-19 restrictions. EASS has invited the environmental community to submit environmental abstracts in various areas including:

  • Air- Modelling, monitoring, sampling, regulatory, noise management, quality
  • Water- Quality, monitoring, modelling, groundwater, surface water, produced water, risk management, emerging contaminants, contamination, oilsands issues, hydraulic fracturing, industrial re-use
  • Climate Change- Energy efficiency, adaptation, carbon credits, energy from waste, regulatory, impacts on climate change, sustainability, GHG monitoring and sampling
  • Testing- monitoring, analysis, field testing and sampling, laboratory testing and sampling
  • Waste- Hazardous waste management, landfill closure, landfill design, resource recovery, emerging contaminants, regulatory
  • Decommissioning- Technology, safety, management, hidden dangers
  • Indigenous- Stewardship, engagement
  • Panel Discussion- Submissions that could be useful for opening the panel discussion on either day
  • Other– Abstracts from topics that are not included in any of the areas above

The selection of presentations will depend on the submitted abstracts, which should not be more than 500 words (excluding the bio). The abstracts should include the biography of the presenter and should be submitted as word document to Joe Chowaniec through email on info@esaa.org before April 2nd, 2021. They will be reviewed by a panel of peers.

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