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Canadians Do Online Campaign for Clean Air

Canadians Do Online Campaign for Clean Air

The Government of Canada has launched additional tools to help Canadians understand the value and importance of clean air value. This is also to continue encouraging public health protection.

The following are some online resources:

Mysteries of air pollution

As scientist Elisabeth Galarneau uncovers little-known truths about air pollution, she creates a virtual school. Exploring By the Seat of Your Pants was used to present this information.

Air pollution’s health effects in Canada

An infographic depicts the negative effects air pollution can have on human health.

Publications on air quality and health

Wildfires are becoming more and more of a problem. Unlike other types of air pollution found in urban areas, smoke can easily travel in and out of a city, making the air unhealthy. In this blog post, learn about what Health Canada is doing to combat wildfire smoke.

State of the Air

This study gives a summary of Canada’s air quality as well as how regional and foreign governments are collaborating to protect it.

Alberta Government Invests in Cleantech Projects to Lower Emission Emission Reduction and Rise in Employment Resulting from Cleantech Investments

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