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Canadians Demand Climate Initiative According to UN Surveys

Canadians Demand Climate Initiative According to UN Surveys

According to a recent UN survey, Canadians are some of the most eco-friendly people on the planet. They push for clean employment and approach the climate change problem as an emergency.

Even though the poll was undertaken during the COVID-19 crisis, 64 percent of the respondents acknowledge climate change is a severe climate emergency, according to a new UN Development Program survey of 1.2 million people in 50 countries.

More renewable energy use was supported by 73 percent of Canadians and 68 percent of Canadians say they want to see more spending in green businesses and employment.

The enthusiasm for polluters’ taxes in Canada contrasted with the broader Western Europe and North America zone, where 58 percent of people support making businesses pay for their emissions.

According to the polls, 56% of Canadians topped other countries when it comes to businesses disclosing how their goods are produced. Australians followed Canadians at 55%, the United Kingdom at 54%, and France at 54%

According to the UNDP, the survey was the most prominent public opinion poll on environmental issues ever conducted. It was carried out as countries organize for the COP26, the 26th conference in November (UNFCCC).

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