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BC Collaboration Powers Up Using Renewable Energy

BC Collaboration Powers Up Using Renewable Energy

BC Hydro and the provincial administration of British Columbia have partnered with the Government of Canada to help industries get clean electricity. This collaboration is aimed at reducing rates and enhancing the efficiency of connecting to the electricity grid.

Consequently, this will help lower the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by community energy systems, public transportation agencies, and industries. It is also aimed at attracting potential clean-tech businesses.

According to the BC Premier John Horgan, the challenges brought by the impact of the global health crisis present a tremendous opportunity for creating a brighter future after the pandemic.

He also announced plans to make clean BC electric power more cost-effective for industries. He said that this will help accelerate new investment and employment creation opportunities while also helping to reduce carbon pollution.

BC Hydro will offer discounts on CleanBC industrial electrification rates that will be obtainable when compared to the BC Hydro’s typical industrial rates. The discounts will be provided to:

  • Relatively new clean industries or those that want to expand their operations in B.C such as hydrogen and biofuels.
  • Eligible new customers that can show they have used fossil fuel to power their facilities instead of electricity.
  • Qualified existing customers that have equipment that utilizes electricity and not fossil fuels.
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